Version 4.0.4

Changes related to version 4.0.4

Consent status of accounts

When you get a consent for an account, it should last 90 days (at time of writing).
You can find the limit of usage in structure sent back by the call to get accounts list, for transactions in accounts[x].transactionsConsent.validUntil and for balances in accounts[x].balancesConsent.validUntil.

The consent may be invalidated by the bank. To report it to you, we have added the fields status and statusAt.

status is an integer. A value of 0 means no problem so far with the consent. A value of 100 means that the consent is not valid anymore and should be renewed with the PSU. This is the only value for the moment.

statusAt is a date-time. A value of null (status is then 0) means no problem so far with the consent. If status is not 0, it contains the timestamp of the status change.

In the following example, there is one account with the same consent for balances and transactions (same consentId). The consent should have been valid until November 11, 2022 (validUntil) but it has been invalidated (status = 100) on the September 5, 2022 (statusAt).

Get Accounts example:

    "accounts": [
            "id": "BE123456789EUR",
            "currency": "EUR",
            "iban": "BE123456789",
            "description": "JOHN DOE",
            "transactionsConsent": {
                "consentId": "azertyuiop",
                "validUntil": "2022-11-29T18:39:59",
                "status": 100,
                "statusAt": "2022-09-05T11:22:14Z"
            "balancesConsent": {
                "consentId": "azertyuiop",
                "validUntil": "2022-11-29T18:39:59",
                "status": 100,
                "statusAt": "2022-09-05T11:22:14Z"

Transactions unique identifier and sort key (Gateway mode only)

We have added a unique identifier for each transaction. It is composed of two fields GwAccountId and GwSequence.

Those are null in TPP/Direct mode.

The unique identifier for one transaction is GwAccountId + GwSequence. You can use it to check which one you already have received.

GwSequence is composed of two integer side by side separated by a hyphen. It allows you to sort the transaction of the same GwAccountId in execution date descending order (the more recent transaction comes first). You always receive the transaction from the API in that order.

    "transactions": [
            "id": "2022091420220914170550636925",
            "amount": -25.15,
            "GwAccountId": "AT1234567890EUR",
            "GwSequence": "79780626-000000",

"Partial content" HTTP status when getting transactions for expired account (Gateway only)

When you call get transactions and the consent is expired or invalidated, you receive the last transaction fetched and the HTTP status is 206/"Partial content"

Connector changes

  • Austria, BKS, BTV and Ober bank: added client id in additional requested property for AIS & PIS

Connector improvements

  • Portugal, Caixa de Credito Agricola Mutuo de Bombarral
  • Luxembourg, Société Générale
  • Austria, bank austria: added bank's transaction id to the transaction returned structure id field
  • Austria, Erste bank: fixed failure while getting transactions from the bank
  • Unicredit: fixed failure while getting transactions from the bank
  • France, Société générale PIS: fixed the date send to the bank
  • Belgium, Belfius AIS: fixed missing account description

Added instant payment

  • France:
    • Crédit Agricole (Alpes Provence, Alsace Vosges, Atlantique Vendée, Brie Picardie, Champagne-Bourgogne, Charente Périgord, Charente-Maritime Deux-Sèvres, d'Aquitaine, de Centre France, de Centre Loire, de Centre-Est, de Franche-Comté, de Guadeloupe, de la Corse, de la Martinique et de la Guyane, de la Réunion, de la Touraine et du Poitou, de l'Anjou et du Maine, de Loire Haute-Loire, de Lorraine, de Nord De France, de Normandie, de Normandie Seine, de Paris et d'Ile de France, de Provence Côtes d'Azur, des Côtes d'Armor, des Savoie, d'Ille et Vilaine, du Centre Ouest, du Finistère, du Languedoc, du Morbihan, du Nord Est, Nord Midi-Pyrénées, Pyrénées Gascogne, Sud Méditerranée, Sud Rhône-Alpes, Toulouse, Val de France)
  • Italy:
    • Credit Agricole Cariparma (& business)
    • Credit Agricole FriulAdria (& business)

New connectors

  • Italy:
    • Credit Agricole Cariparma (& business)
    • Credit Agricole FriulAdria (& business)
    • Raiffeisen:
      • Raiffeisen Landesbank Suedtirol - Cassa Centrale Raiffeisen Dell'alto Adige
      • Raiffeisenkasse Val Badia - Cassa Raiffeisen Val Badia
      • Raiffeisenkasse Hochpustertal - Cassa Raiffeisen Alta Pusteri
      • Raiffeisenkasse Bruneck - Cassa Raiffeisen Di Brunico
      • Raiffeisenkasse Kastelruth-St. Ulrich - Cassa Raiffeisen Castelrotto-Ortisei
      • Raiffeisenkasse Schlern-Rosengarten Cassa Raiffeisen Schlern-Rosengarten
      • Raiffeisenkasse Obervinschgau - Cassa Raiffeisen Alta Venosta
      • Raiffeisenkasse Toblach - Cassa Raiffeisen Di Dobbiaco
      • Raiffeisenkasse Bozen - Cassa Rurale Di Bolzano
      • Raiffeisenkasse Villnöss - Cassa Raiffeisen Di Funes
      • Raiffeisenkasse Latsch - Cassa Raiffeisen Laces
      • Raiffeisenkasse Algund - Cassa Raiffeisen Di Lagundo
      • Raiffeisenkasse Untereisacktal - Cassa Raifffeisen Bassa Vall'Isarco
      • Raiffeisenkasse Unterland - Cassa Raiffeisen Bassa Atesina
      • Raiffeisenkasse Lana - Cassa Raiffeisen Lana
      • Raiffeisenkasse Laas - Cassa Raiffeisen Di Lasa
      • Raiffeisenkasse Meran - Cassa Raiffeisen Di Merano
      • Raiffeisenkasse Marling - Cassa Raiffeisen Di Marlengo
      • Raiffeisenkasse Welsberg-Gsies Taisten - Cassa Raiffeisen Monguelfo-Casies-Tesido
      • Raiffeisenkasse Untervinschgau - Cassa Raiffeisen Bassa Venosta
      • Raiffeisenkasse Deutschnofen-Aldein - Cassa Raiffeisen Di Nova Ponente- Aldino
      • Raiffeisenkasse Partschins - Cassa Raiffeisen Di Parcines
      • Raiffeisenkasse Wipptal - Cassa Raiffeisen Wipptal
      • Raiffeisenkasse Prad-Taufers - Cassa Raiffeisen Prato-Tubre
      • Raiffeisenkasse Salurn - Cassa Rurale Di Salorno
      • Raiffeisenkasse Ulten-St.Pankraz - Laurein - Cassa Raiffeisen Ultimo- S.Pancrazio-Lauregno
      • Raiffeisenkasse Sarntal - Cassa Raiffeisen Val Sarentino
      • Raiffeisenkasse Schenna - Cassa Raiffeisen Di Scena
      • Raiffeisenkasse Gröden - Cassa Raiffeisen Gherdeina
      • Raiffeisenkasse Schlanders - Cassa Raiffeisen Silandro
      • Raiffeisenkasse Freienfeld - Cassa Raiffeisen Campo Di Trens
      • Raiffeisenkasse Überetsch - Cassa Raiffeisen Oltradige
      • Raiffeisenkasse Etschtal - Cassa Raiffeisen Etschtal
      • Raiffeisenkasse Tisens - Cassa Raiffeisen Di Tesimo
      • Raiffeisenkasse Tirol - Cassa Raiffeisen Tirolo
      • Raiffeisenkasse Tauferer-Arnthal - Cassa Raiffeisen Tures-Aurina
      • Raiffeisenkasse Vintl - Cassa Raiffeisen Vandoies
      • Raiffeisenkasse Niederdorf - Cassa Raiffeisen Di Villabassa
      • Raiffeisenkasse Eisacktal - Cassa Raiffeisen Della Valle Isarco
      • Raiffeisenkasse Passeier - Cassa Raiffeisen Della Val Passiria