Version 4.0.5

Changes related to version 4.0.5

Add translations for Terms & Conditions (Gateway mode only)

In Gateway end-point Get latest terms & conditions, we have added a parameter to get the desired language. We expected to receive the two letters ISO language code.

In return you'll get the T&C in that language. If no language is provided (no breaking change) or if we don't have the translation for the provided language, you'll receive the English version.
We've added to the response

  • language field that contains the language of the returned version and the field
  • AvailableLanguages field that contains the list of available transactions' language ISO code.

As time of writing, we have added FR and NL translations beside the current EN one. No change has been made to EN, so no need to prompt them again to the users who have already accepted them.


  • Improved BNP, Fintro & Hellobank : added debtor name (if received from the bank) when calling get payment status
  • Added Banco Posta in Italy, private accounts only, not business (yet to come)