Changes related to version

Connectors improvement

  • IT BancoPosta, BPER Business, BPER, Credit Agricole Cariparma business, Credit Agricole Cariparma, Credito Emiliano Business, Credito Emiliano, Credito Valtellinese Spa , Banca Nacional del Lavoro, Hello Bank, BNL Corporate, Banco di Sardegna S.p.A.
    We send now an ScaException instead of a ValidationException upon SCA failure:
    BankingSDK.Common.Exceptions.ValidationException: {"Property":"scaStatus","Message":"Access_denied - scaStatus: FAILED - The SCA operation failed (1)."}
  • IT FIneco
    Fix for null reference exception in payment finalize and status occurring when not receiving some data from bank
  • DE
    • Deletion of Raiffeisenbank Neustadt-Vohenstrauß eG (GENODEF1NEW) due to the merger with Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Nordoberpfalz eG (GENODEF1WEV) - id 403
    • Deletion of Raiffeisenbank Raisting eG (GENODEF1RIG) due to the merger with Raiffeisenbank Singoldtal eG (GENODEF1HUA) - id 428
    • Deletion of VR BANK Dinklage-Steinfeld eG (GENODEF1DIK) due to the merger with Volksbank eG Lohne - Dinklage - Steinfeld - Mühlen (GENODEF1LON) - id 867
    • Deletion of Volksbank Überwald-Gorxheimertal eG (GENODE51ABT) due to the merger with VR Bank Ried-Überwald eG (GENODE51RBU) - id 826
    • Deletion of Volksbank Vorpommern eG (GENODEF1ANK) due to the merger with Volksbank Vorpommern eG (GENODEF1HST) - id 838
    • Deletion of Volksbank Bruchsal-Bretten eG (GENODE61BTT) due to merger with Volksbank Kraichgau eG (GENODE61WIE) - id 596
    • Deletion of Volksbank Delbrück-Hövelhof eG (GENODEM1DLB) due to the merger with Volksbank Delbrück-Rietberg eG (GENODEM1RNE) - id 605
    • Deletion of Volksbank eG Delmenhorst Schierbrok (GENODEF1GSC) due to the merger with Volksbank eG Oldenburg-Land Delmenhorst (GENODEF1WDH) - id 620
    • Deletion of Rottaler Raiffeisenbank eG (GENODEF1POC) due to the merger with VR-Bank Vilshofen-Pocking eG (GENODEF1VIR) - id 512
    • Renaming "Pommersche Volksbank eG" to "Volksbank Vorpommern eG" - id 223
    • Renaming "Raiffeisenbank Ried eG" to "" - id 435
    • Renaming "Volksbank - Raiffeisenbank Vilshofen eG" to "VR-Bank Vilshofen-Pocking eG" - id 558
    • Renaming "Volksbank Lohne-Mühlen eG" to "" - id 729
    • Renaming "Volksbank Rietberg eG" to "" - id 794
    • Renaming "VR Bank Oldenburg Land eG" to "Volksbank eG Oldenburg-Land Delmenhorst" - id 846
    • Renaming "Volksbank Münsterland Nord eG" to "Volksbank im Münsterland eG" - id 936
    • Mandatory field in PIS: Recipient.PostalAddress.Country,
    • Optional fields in PIS: Recipient.PostalAddress.TownName, Recipient.PostalAddress.PostCode. Those fields are only required when paying to Canada
  • BE BNP, Fintro, Hello Bank and KBC/CBC/KBC Brussels
    Improved the extraction of the owner name

Delete account and delete consent in API

In the call delete account or delete consent, the fields id, connectorId and userContext are mandatory! They are now marked as required and an error will be raised earlier. Without those data we are not able to find the account.

We have improved the error sent back in case the account or the consent is not found. You will receive a 404, with ExceptionType se to "ResourceNotFound" and message to "Consent not found".