Changes related to version

Connectors improvement

  • FR CreditMutuel: bulk, added status of individual payments.
  • PT Banco Bic, Banco Portugues Gestão, Bankinter, Caixa Crédito Agricola Mutuo Bombarral, Caixa Crédito Agricola MutuoTorres Vedras, Cofidis, Novo Banco dos Acores, Novo Banco, Unicre - Instituição Financeira de Crédito
    FR Caixa Geral Depósitos France
    Upgrade to new version of bank API.
  • PT Cofidis: AIS, access option moved from customizable to Detailed, meaning that you must provide at least one IBAN when trying to connect.
  • BE Belfius:
    • bulk,
      • fix for empty query string handling in finalize when looping on RETRY, waiting the bank to be ready
      • Belfius fixed the problem of signature of bulks in the SCA journey.
    • Transactions: fix to return a better, unique, transaction identifier. No change required on your side.
  • AT Volksbank: PIS,
    • Added missing remittance in request sent to the bank
    • Added missing header in request sent to the bank to get payment status.
  • BE Nagelmackers: fix to prevent sending a value date of '0001-01-01' in transactions, instead send null date. The bank is not sending back this date. There are no plans neither to add it.
  • AT Erste bank: the bank has a weird behavior in bank initialization. If the PSU has more than one bank account, the IBAN is required otherwise it's not. There are no way to know it apart sending a request without and expecting an error if he has more than one. To reduce the friction of entering the IBAN, we did a change that made the IBAN optional and that sends a validation exception with a message "When the PSU has multiple accounts, the debtor.Iban should be supplied." if we detected this specific case.
  • LU BGL: fix to prevent getting ACCOUNT_CONSENTED_NOT_FOUND from get transactions or get balances.
  • EU Revolut: Revolut is sending back the transactions only when the value date has been reached. This means that, regarding the execution date, we get the transactions from the past. At that point in time, they are also providing an interim booked balance (ITBD). We also get interim available balances (ITAV) without having yet the corresponding transactions. For a better handling of reconciliation between balances and transactions, we are now only sending back the ITBD balance.
  • PIS Options: fix for minAmount not appearing in the options.
  • BE Aion: PIS,
    • Debtor IBAN is optional
    • End to end id is optional.
  • FR Banque BCP, Banque de Savoie, Banque Palatine, Banque Populaire *, BTP Banque, Caisse d'Epargne *, Crédit Coopératif, Natixis Global Trade, Natixis Wealth Management:
    PIS, recipient name max length is 32 and accepted chars are "a-zA-Z0-9-/:().,? ".
  • For you to have the maximum information in case of refused payment like asking the bank on PSU side, we added the PaymentId field in the PIS init normal or error response. The same in Pis finalize error.
    It can be empty (null) if the error occurs before having the payment id from the bank. It can also be null out of init for the connectors that receives the payment id in the finalize step. We have done our best to provide it to you as soon as we have it.