Changes related to version

Connector improvements

  • BE Aion: fixed the SCA redirection URL in payment.
  • BE Crelan: improve description and remittance by adding as much information as we can.
  • EU Revolut:
    • added remittance, debtor name and debtor IBAN in payment status.
    • Improved payment status mapping. "AcceptedSettlementCompleted" is mapped to ACSC instead of ACCC.
  • FR BNP/Ma Banque: we noticed that the date given by the bank for the balances type CLBD corresponds to a balance end of the given day. The time of those balances is set to 23:59:59.999 instead of 00:00:00, same day to allow better sorting with transactions.
  • Fixed the sdkStatus at root of the error structure which was not updated correctly in some case.
  • Fixed the referenceId not present at root. This referenceId represents, in case of error an id from the bank. E.g., in payment, it will contain the bank payment id. if we have it, for you or the PSU to go to the bank with a reference.

Docker default page

The default page of the docker, "/", is now redirecting to the Swagger page instead of sending a 404 "not found".

Date format

In a near future, we will change the date format of the balances' date fields "referenceDate" and "lastChangeDateTime". For now, the format is:
In order to be time zone compliant, we will change it to the ISO8601 date format :

So please adapt your code as soon as possible to handle:

The changes may not be applied to all connectors at one.