Changes related to version

New headers in Gateway mode for support

The API Returns now three headers

  • X-Request-ID header that you provided. Max Len 50 chars.
  • X-Correlation-ID header to help gathering the different related calls like initiation and finalization in AIS and initialization, finalization and status in PIS
  • X-Operation-ID header to help find trace in logs

You should provide those headers in case of problem reporting instead of PII (Personal Identifiable Information) for a more efficient problem solving and a better respect of data privacy and GDPR.

Belfius account selection during AIS

Belfius AIS moved from "single account" to "not customizable". You cannot provide the IBAN anymore, the PSU will select it on the bank side.

PIS RequestExecutionDate option become obsolete

You don't need to supply the request execution date when the payment has to be done right away, we will set it automatically to current date depending on the timezone of the bank.

If the bank supports the payement date in the future (See payment options > [payment product] > singlePayments > specificPaymentDate), you can provide your future date adapted to the timezone of the country of the bank.

Connector improvement

  • France
    • Adapt code to actual values from bank and improve finding the account currency in the bank's data for Société Générale, Caisse d'Épargne, Hello Bank, Banque Postale, Natixis Wealth Management, Natixis Global Trade, Crédit Coopératif, Caisse d'Epargne Hauts de France, Banque Palatine, BTP Banque, Banque BCP, Banque de Savoie, Banque Populaire Méditerranée
    • Banque Populaire fixing error at payment finalize
  • Belgium, BNP, Hello Bank, Fintro: adapting for new version 3 of their API
  • Luxembourg
    • Spuerkeess: adapting the sign of transactions amount with new bank rules
    • BIL: correcting data signature
  • Revolut: improving remittance information

New connector

  • Belgium Banx

Bank of America balances in Premium

The bank has two calls to obtain the balances: current and previous. Previous allows a longer period of history, two years, compared to current which has only a few days but with more accurate balances.

We have changed the logic to obtain balances as for date within the 8 days compared to now, we use the current end-point, for older, we use previous end-point.

Protection of end-point /ob/users in Gateway mode

The end-point /ob/users is reserved to TPPs and cannot be called in Gateway mode. Calling it result in an error.

User registration in Gateway mode has to be done with /ob/gw/users. If your application is working, that means that you are using it because, without this call, you'll never be able to connect accounts or initiate payment.