Changes related to version

Connectors improvement

  • LU Raiffeisen: fix unexpected remittance format that prevent getting and saving the transactions.
  • EU N26: get payment status sends back an exception when the token is expired.
    To call the payment status, we need to use an authorization token obtained during payment creation. Normally, get status is silent about the error it has (returns UNKNOWN) but in this case, if the token has expired, you will receive an exception.
  • AT Raiffeisen: added the missing remittance information to the transactions.
  • NL Devolks bank and SNS: fix wrong bank endpoint.
  • NL ABN AMRO: fix wrong bank endpoint

New connector

Paypal support has been added.

It only allows the AIS, payment is not possible.

Since there is no IBAN in Paypal, you must handle the genericAccountIdentifications structure. Excerpt from get account list:

In which the IBAN is null and the identification is the email address and the schemeName 25 means "email". In a near future, you might have other schemes like BBAN.

The id of the account works as a "normal" one with the iban identification; It's the value you must give to the calls to get balances, transactions and delete account.

The partition key of transactions and balances records will be like; 9999-mi@b.beEUR in which

9999 is the Paypal connector id and the email account identifier, EUR: the main currency of the account.

For the moment, the balance type is UNKN, we are still fighting with the support to understand the real type of it.