Changes related to version

X-Request-ID header length check

We now check the length of the X-Request-ID header you provide. It must be maximum 50 characters long. Longer value will raise an exception "X-Request-ID header too long. Max 50 characters". UUID type seems to be the ideal value for this field. Uniqueness is also very important.

In a near future, X-Request-ID, X-Correlation-ID, X-Operation-ID would become mandatory when talking to support.

Connectors improvements

  • LU BGL: fix fetching transactions next pages
  • BE
    • KBC, CBC, CBC Brussels:
      • Account access request scheme moved from single to detailed and allows now to specify multiple account at once. IBANs, like all detailed scheme have to be put in BalanceAccoutns and transactionAccounts
      • Accounts for payment available
      • More info returned with the payment status
    • Belfius
      • fixed invalid refresh token correctly flags the consent as lost (status = 100)
      • consent has moved to 180 days
    • BE Beobank: fix in remittance and debtor & creditor constraints
    • EU Revolut: adapt connector to handle unexpected accounts data received from bank
    • EU Unicredit: correction in the payment remittance information sent to the bank