Changes related to version

Connectors improvement

  • BE
    • Argenta: Use remittance unstructured instead of structured which was leading to error
    • Axa: the bank's SSL certificate has expired. We forced accept it until they renew it
    • Belfius (Excl. Banx): returning payment detail from payment finalize and payment detail
  • BG Bulbank (Unicredit): add domestic payment for payement from BG to BG in BGN. Any BG to "not BG" in EUR else must be done with SEPA. We are checking it and returning appropriate error message before sending the request to the bank
  • EU Revolut: adapt the code to handle unexpected data in accounts list
  • FR Société Générale: correct duplicates accounts in user context
  • PT CGD: improve the remittance information sent back from payement finalize or status
  • DE Volksbank: improve the handling of flow during embedded/Decoupled flows. Still under testing
  • Reworked SCA pages hosted by us: during the SCA, confidential data asked by the bank like password are handle on pages on our side for regulation and security reasons. The design and feedback of those pages have been improved