Changes related to version

New connectors available for testing

  • Greece
    • Euro Bank
    • Piraeus Bank
  • France
    • CIC

Connectors updates

  • Unicredit
    • AIS: now, the accounts can be selected during the SCA. The accessOption is now 0, "customizable"
    • PIS: Debtor IBAN in payment is now optional. If none is provided, it will be selected by the PSU during the SCA after identification.
    • The payment detail contains the debtor name
  • AT
    • 24You: Fixing the wrong order of transaction sent by the bank
  • LU
    • BGL/BNP: fix for wrong consent duration, missing currency in accounts list
  • BE
    • Belfius: fix for transaction's value date sometime null. Since the bank is not providing it, we try extract it from the remittance information. If not found, we set it as the execution date
    • Banx: returns payment detail in finalize and status. Note that at the time of writing, due to a problem on bank side, Banx is not working. They have a problem of SCA URL.
  • IT
    • Banca Nacional del Lavoro, Banco di Sardegna S.p.A., BancoPosta, BancoPosta Business, BNL Corporate, BPER, BPER Business, Credit Agricole Cariparma, Credit Agricole Cariparma business, Credit Agricole FriulAdria, Credit Agricole FriulAdria business, Credito Emiliano, Credito Emiliano Business, Credito Valtellinese Spa , Hello Bank: fix for the format of additional requested property "date" sent to the bank