Changes related to version

Connectors improvements

  • FR Caisse d'Epargne: improve the balances date extraction.
  • BE Aion: fix for error in SCA URL.
  • BE Deutsche Bank and DE Norisbank ids were inverted. Asking for the id of one was using the other connector. Fixed.
    1652 is leading to BE Deutsche Bank and 1653 is leading to DE Norisbank.
    Note that they are still in test.
  • DE Deutsche Bank group: Improvement of the additional requested property "PSU-ID" title asked group. Instead of "PSU-ID" title, you'll find "Username", "Customer ID", "Email"... depending on the bank.
  • BE BNP, Fintro, Hellobank: we have added a new field "globalization" in the transactions. It's a nullable boolean. True means that the current transactions is a globalization one. By this globalization process, the bank is adding a transaction that is the sum of the some transactions of the previous day. We mark it for you to be able to not double count the amount it represents.
  • BE Beobank: moved to 180 days consent.
  • When you call get status without the payment id at least in the flow context, we are sending an ArgumentException with the message "No Payment ID, unable to get from flow context." This could happen if you have an error at payment initialization or at payment finalization but you still call get status.

New connectors

  • DE Postbank: added. In test status.
  • IT Banca Sella, Banca Patrimoni Sella, Borsa del Credito, Paytipper, Lispay, Hype, Hype Business, Tot, Aidexa, Dots added. In test status.