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Transactions ordering (TPP mode)

We have added an option to know which date you should take when sorting and processing the transactions, execution date or value date. We are handling that in Gateway mode for our optimized saving but you should be aware when dealing with it.

We notice that Revolut is sometime sending back new booked transactions at an unexpected place. Their transactions are sorted on execution date but they appear when they reach the value date. So if a transaction is executed at time T1 but the value date is at time T2, it will appear AS booked at time T2, not at the top of the list but just before the transaction which have the execution date greater.

At time T:

IDExec dateValue Date
12024-05-03 08:00:002024-05-03 08:00:00
22024-05-03 07:00:002024-05-03 07:00:00

At time T+1:

IDExec DateValue Date
12024-05-03 08:00:002024-05-03 08:00:00
22024-05-03 07:00:002024-05-03 07:00:00
32024-05-03 06:00:002024-05-04 15:00:00

The option is TransactionsSavingDateField, at the root of AIS options. the values can be

  • 0: ExecutionDate
  • 1: ValueDate

This way of working can also make you miss transactions if you don't take it into account.

Connectors improvement

  • IT BNL: in certain condition, we were returning an ERROR instead of RETRY. Fixed
  • BE AXA: We try to extract the bank transaction code whenever it's possible. See field bankTransactionCode in the response of get transactions call.
  • Bulk payment: fix for wrong model reference in document of finalize call. Only the documentation was referencing the wrong model, the call was returning the right one.
  • DE volksbank group upgrade.
    • Marked as deleted: 171,Federseebank eG; 173,Frankenberger Bank Raiffeisenbank eG; 215,Münsterländische Bank Thie & Co. KG; 229,PSD Bank Kiel eG; 257,Raiffeisenbank Aschberg eG; 274,Raiffeisenbank Bissingen eG; 296,Raiffeisenbank eG Unterwesterwald; 310,Raiffeisenbank Eichenbühl und Umgebung eG; 395,Raiffeisenbank Mötzingen eG; 408,Raiffeisenbank Nüdlingen eG; 410,Raiffeisenbank Oberes Gäu eG; 453,Raiffeisenbank Steinheim eG; 474,Raiffeisenbank Waldaschaff-Heigenbrücken eG; 488,Raiffeisenbank Wimsheim-Mönsheim eG; 603,Volksbank Darmstadt - Südhessen eG; 624,Volksbank eG Mosbach; 675,Volksbank Haaren eG; 802,Volksbank Schnathorst eG; 890,VR Bank Ravensburg-Weingarten eG; 1664,Raiffeisenbank Mutlangen eG
    • Renamed: Mainzer Volksbank eG => Volksbank Darmstadt Mainz eG,208; Raiffeisenbank Maßbach eG => Raiffeisenbank eG, Rannungen,388; Volksbank Ammerbuch eG => Volksbank Raiffeisenbank AmmerGäu eG,565; Volksbank Friedrichshafen-Tettnang eG => Volksbank Bodensee-Oberschwaben eG,665; Volksbank Lübbecker Land eG => Volksbank PLUS eG,730; Volksbank Main-Tauber eG => Ihre Volksbank eG Neckar Odenwald Main Tauber,736; Waldecker Bank eG => Waldeck-Frankenberger Bank eG,962
    • New connector: 2061: Sparda-Bank Ausgburg eG
  • IT Banco di Sardegna: added instant payment

New connectors

  • IE Allied Irish Bank (2050) and Corporate (2051)
  • DE Sparda-Bank Ausgburg eG (2061)