AIS options

To get the AIS options, you have to call the following endpoint of your docker:


In those options, you will find multiple informations.

See PIS API section > Get AIS options > HTTP 200 response for details.


This options tells you what the bank expect to receive for the account identification.

Customizable (0)

PSU can provide specific account numbers, to give access to balances and/or transactions for them (TransactionAccounts and BalanceAccounts properties) or not specify any account to give a global consent to all his accounts data.

The IBANs list must be supplied in the TransactionAccounts and BalanceAccounts field of the request.

NotCustomizable (1)

Accounts can not be specified on the SDK level. Depending on the bank, PSU may have an option to choose accounts during Strong Customer Authentication on bank side.

SingleAccount (2)

PSU must specify only one single account to give access to in the SingleAccount field of the request.

Detailed (3)

This options works like Customizable, but the PSU must provide specific account identifier to give access to balances and/or transactions for them in the firld TransactionAccounts and BalanceAccounts of the request.

MultipleAccounts (4)

(Premium Connectors Only!!!) PSU must provide specific account numbers, to give access to balances and transactions for them (Accounts property).

LinkingOption (TPP/Direct mode)

This option tells you if the bank only support one consent by PSU. if the value is 0 (linked), you must include all the accounts of the PSU already connected when you renew or add an account. Accounts not included won't be accessible anymore.

Linked (0)

Only one consent, accounts access are linked

Separate (1)

Multiple consent allowed, no need to renew all the accounts


NA (0)

Not available

Optional (1)

The currency is not required when connecting an account

Required (2)

You must provide the account's currency when requesting access


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