The following sample code can also be found on our GitHub repository, here:

This code explains how to use our Nuget library ExthandGateway which allows a C# dev to connect seamlessly to our BankingSDK Docker in Gateway mode.

How to get started

Company website:
Nuget Package of this repo:

You'll find the API description in this doc or a Swagger file available in your instance of Docker URL of your Docker/swagger/index.html

Create an account

Go to and register yourself and your company.
Create an application, get the application key and secret.
Store the secret in a safe place.
Send us ( support at your application key and company key. We'll provide you a license key.

From there, you'll be able to debug your test calls in real time, to get bank statements or initiate payments.

Run BankingSDK Docker

To use Exthand:Gateway to connect to banks, you also have to install a Docker container in your own cloud infrastrucutre.
Docker container might be found here:

You have to install it first (read Docker Configuration in Documentation guide).
Then, use this nuget to call the Docker and get access to bank APIs.

The global flow

Your app using this package will be able to call API of your BankingSDK Docker.
Your BankingSDK Docker instance will call the Exthand:Gateway API and transfer your requests to the banks.
Banks does answer to the Exthand:Gateway which sends back the response to your Docker.
As simple as that!

The day you get your own open banking license, you have to change the configuration file in the BankingSDK Docker.
It will then be able to directly connect to banks without going throught the Exthand:Gateway anymore.


Will it be for account access or payment initiation, banks have different behaviors. If you handle the options, you will be ready for every banks. See section Connector options for more informations.