Error categories

Here are the current error codes in case of error thrown by the API. We have changed the categories and some are now marked as obsolete.
We also introduced main categories (300,000, 400,000, 500,000, 600,000, 999,000)

0No error
100Consent issue
101Incorrect data provided OBSOLETE
102Too many calls a day OBSOLETE
103Access Forbidden OBSOLETE
104temporary error on bank side OBSOLETE
50000Client error.
51000- Model validation error.
100000ASPSP Critical Error OBSOLETE
200000Critical Internal Error BSDK
201000- Parsing error
202000- SSL error
300000Account error
301000- Account not found
302000- Funds not available, ceiling problem or product not activated
303000- Access to account denied
304000- Transaction forbidden on this type of account
400000ASPSP error
401000- ASPSP: generic error
402000- ASPSP: timeout
403000- ASPSP: bad request
404000- ASPSP: temporary error
405000- ASPSP: critical error
406000- ASPSP: too many calls a day
407000- ASPSP: No message received from bank
500000PSU error
501000- Incorrect data provided
502000- Access not granted
503000- SCA error
600000Security error
601000- Access Forbidden
602000- Token issue
603000- Bad, expired or double submitted authorization code
700000Payment error
701000- Payment rejected by the bank
702000- Payment not found
999000Unknown error
999995Call processing error in Report
999996Internal rule processing error
999997Internal rules error
999998Not processed
999999Unknown error

The error codes will be constructed in a hierarchic way, so if a code is new and you don't have it, a more generic error can be found in the containing error code. E.g. 300,000 is the containing of 301,000 which is the refined error.

This code will be stored in the field "sdkStatus" in the JSON of the body.