Example getting balances

Base on Batch transforming, we can get the balances for one of those registered accounts in Bank of America.

The URL parameter "XY2345" is the "id" of the account in the response from PUT /pb/ais/access

POST /pb/ais/accounts/XY2345/balances

  "connectorId": 40002,
  "bankSettingsCode": "BoA",
  "userContext": "{...}",
  "balanceRequest": {
    "psuIp": "",
    "dateFrom": "2022-04-26T00:00:00.000Z",
    "accountContext": "{\"accountId\":\"XY2345\",\"bankId\":\"0678\"}"

In the case of Bank of America only one date for the balance (options.balances.selectDateOption == 1) is accepted.