HTTP status and error message (Gateway mode)

In addition to "classic" HTTP status, the Docker returns those specific status:

  • 200: everything went well
  • 206: partial content. When you call get transactions and the consent is expired or invalidated, you receive the last transaction fetched and the HTTP status is 206/"Partial content"
  • 401: problem of licence/authentication
  • 412: Sca Exception. when an error occurred during the Strong Customer Authentication on the bank side. In the case, the bank return an error and we send you back the error with a 412 status
  • 422: We detected that the model you gave doesn't comply with the options (AIS/PIS)
  • 501: Not implemented: the functionality is not implemented. Example you ask for an account access request but it is not implemented in the connector. Check the options for the connector.